The following breeds of dogs and cats have been identified by Delta as pug/snub-nosed breeds. Snub-nosed dogs and cats have condensed facial structures which impacts their ability to breathe normally. During air travel these features impair their ability to cool themselves off when stressed or overheated and it makes them vulnerable to heat stroke.  In the best interest of the safety of the animal, we do not allow them as cargo on any Delta or Delta Connection flight. Although it is not a complete, exhaustive list of all breeds, it is shown here in alphabetical order to provide examples of the type of breeds and hybrid breeds that are at higher risk of health related issues that may occur during air travel. These breeds and hybrids of these breeds will be refused transportation at all times, regardless of age, weight, or temperature limits.
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1Go to Source Note 1 The list is intended to show examples of breeds that are considered brachycephalic. It is NOT intended as a complete list.
2Go to Source Note 2 Great Dane (aka German Mastiff) is not included in the Mastiff breed embargo.
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